CEO Retreat with Chef Deb:
Where culinary visionaries create the future

June 21-22, 2024  |  Maria's Beach, Rincón, Puerto Rico

Does this sound familiar?

You pour your heart into building a successful brand, guiding a talented team, and creating exceptional experiences, and yet recently, something feels off. Like you’re spinning your wheels instead of making real forward progress.

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau after cracking $200K in revenue. Or you’re struggling to transition from working “in” the business to being a true visionary leader. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed, spread thin, and lacking the supportive community every elite entrepreneur needs.

If any of this sounds familiar, you owe it to yourself and your business to join us at the CEO Retreat from June 21-22 in stunning Rincón, Puerto Rico.

This isn’t just another conference.

This is your ultimate recharge.

A chance to escape the day-to-day and immerse yourself in high-impact workshops laser-focused on blasting through plateaus and accelerating your growth like never before.

Key Focuses:

  • Optimizing operations to enable your transition to a visionary leadership role

  • Proven roadmaps to rapidly scale past the 8-figure mark

  • Developing corporate cultures that drive committed team performance

  • Maximizing profit margins by prioritizing personal compensation

  • Cultivating essential leadership skills to strategically plan and execute your ideal exit strategy

Upstairs Street Facing Bedroom

This is your oasis to connect with an elite community of peers and mentors who intimately understand the unique challenges – and opportunities – of leading a high-revenue culinary brand.

Over two transformative days steps from the stunning beaches of Puerto Rico, you’ll gain the strategic insights, executable action plans, and energizing motivation required to propel your company to its highest potential.

Unlike other workshops that create a temporary “bubble” of clarity, this experience will provide you with strategies that translate seamlessly into your daily reality.

You won’t just leave with a clear vision; you’ll have a practical roadmap to navigate the challenges of implementation, ensuring that the insights gained during our time together continue to drive meaningful change long after you return home.


June 20th – Thursday (Evening)

Kick-Off @ 6:00 pm – Part 1: The Science and Art of Authentic Leadership: Building Your Successful Culture & Team (🎤 Speaker – Don Williams)

Discover the secrets of exceptional leadership with best-selling author Don Williams in this exclusive 2-part workshop. Join us on the evening of the 20th as Don delves into the science behind leadership, unveiling the real strategies that drive success to new heights. 

7:00-ish pm: Sunset Dinner – La Copa Llena at the Black EagleSituated right on the beach, offers a delightful dining experience with its open-air deck and picturesque sunset views. The menu showcases creative dishes like char-grilled octopus and fresh local fish, tailored to seasonal availability. With options for every diet, including vegan and gluten-free, the restaurant provides a perfect blend of Caribbean flavors and a casual yet elegant atmosphere for both dining and drinks. 

After Dinner – Rincón Plaza Art Walk

(Transportation to and from the event is included in your ticket bundle. Please note: Dinner will be at your own expense.)

June 21st – Fri. (9 am – 6 pm)


  • Part 2: The Science and Art of Authentic Leadership: Building Your Successful Culture & Team (🎤 Speaker – Don Williams)

In this morning’s session, Don shares how to incorporate your own artistry into your team to create a winning culture of innovation and peak performance.

  • The Steps to Scale from 6 Figures to 7 Figures and Beyond Quickly
  • How to Build a Legacy Business
  • “Leveraging” – The Key to Exponential Growth (People, Technology, Systems, Marketing and Financial)
Lunch (1-2pm)
  • The Hero Team Journey: Creating Systems for Hiring and Training Employees
  • Leading and Nurturing a Team to Attract Ideal Employees Who Stay (🎤 Speaker – Rachel Ramsey)
  • Staffing Gaps for Future Growth
Maria's Villa - POOLSIDE
Dinner (7:00-ish pm)

Reina Mora RestaurantReina Mora is a produce-driven, destination restaurant in Puerto Rico located on the border of Rincón and Aguada. Owned and operated by husbandandwife team Alex and Sarah Windover, the restaurant highlights the best ingredients Puerto Rico has to offer.  Dinners consist of multiple courses spotlighting locally grown and sourced food.

(Transportation to and from the event is included in your ticket bundle. Please note: Dinner will be at your own expense.)

June 22nd – Sat. (9 am – 6 pm)
  • Creating Your Customer Success Journey So Your Team Can Replicate Without You
  • Understand Customer Acquisition Cost to Evaluate Sales and Marketing Efforts
  • Understanding the Lifetime Value of a Customer Resource for Allocation, Profitability Analysis, and Business Forecasting
  • “Broad is Broke”: Finessing Your Current Offerings and Target Market for the Most Cashflow
  • How to Create Sales Goals that Lead Your Marketing Metrics for Increase Cashflow
  • Backing Out Your Numbers to Create THE Plan for 1 Million in Sales Or More 
  • Understanding Cashflow Vs Profit (🎤 Speaker – Andrea Jenson)
Lunch (1-2pm)
  • List Building Strategies to Increase the Ratio of Conversion for Increased Cashflow
  • Creative Opt-ins for Your Unique Brand
  • Leveraging – the Art of Using Other Companies to Grow Yours
  • Protecting Your ASSets: The 13 Domains of Security You Should Implement in Your Business (🎤 Speaker – Don Oxman)
  • Your Bandwidth: People Taking More from You as You Grow
  • Business: The Art of War
Dinner (7:00-ish pm)

Pa’l MontePa’l Monte offers a unique dining experience with a menu that celebrates local flavors and ingredients. Known for its warm, rustic ambiance and stunning views of the surrounding landscape, this restaurant is a favorite among both locals and tourists. Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, ranging from fresh seafood to traditional Puerto Rican fare, all prepared with a creative twist.

(Transportation to and from the event is included in your ticket bundle. Please note: Dinner will be at your own expense.)

Meet Our Guest Experts:

Kutina Ruhumbika
Kutina Ruhumbika's bio
Kutina Ruhumbika
Kutina Ruhumbika's bio
Kutina Ruhumbika
Don Oxman - Total 360 Security
Andrea Jenson - Founder and CEO of The Cash Flow CFO
Andrea Jenson - Bio

The retreat is for culinary business owners who…

  • Have annual sales of $200k or more
  • Have reached a plateau and are feeling restless, secretly wondering, “What’s next?” – ready to break free from stagnation and unlock new levels of growth and fulfillment
  • Seek to overcome plateaus and maximize profit margins
  • Want to network with other high-achieving business leaders
  • Have a growth mindset and are ready to learn and invest in their education
  • Are ready to master the art of leadership, move beyond the uncertainty of “what should I be doing for my team?” and gain the skills to inspire and guide their team to success

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t make $200k annual revenue, why can’t I join?

Trust us, we wish we had room for everyone to join us! Due to the content we are covering at the retreat and the space available, we are forced to be selective for this retreat. However, you can always join us for our Virtual 2-Day Workshop on July 18-19, 2024. Get on the waitlist here.. We look forward to welcoming you to our CEO Retreat as you grow your business!

What is included in the pricing for attendees?

The pricing for attendees is structured as a “Bundle” that includes the room accommodation, light breakfast and lunch during the workshop days (Friday and Saturday), and group transportation to and from dinner in town (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

Are there any discounts available?

You bet! Chef Deb coaching clients can receive a $100 discount off their bundle by using the coupon code “CEO100”.

What is the process for securing a room?

This inaugural CEO Retreat at Maria’s Villa is intentionally limited, so attendees must make full payment now to secure a spot. Tickets are first-come, first-served. Go here to book.

What are the arrival and check-out dates for the bundle price?

You arrive on Thursday, June 20, 2024. There will be a kick-off session that night. And you depart on Sunday morning, June 23, 2024.

What are the arrangements for meals and dinners?

Light breakfast and lunch will be provided on Friday and Saturday. Group transportation to and from select dinner locations are included in your bundle pricing. There are two full kitchens on the premises for attendees to place any additional food, drink or snacks purchased from local businesses once you arrive.

Is transportation to and from the airport included?

No, transportation to and from the airport is not included in the pricing. The event information provides estimated costs for transportation from various airports (San Juan, Aguadilla, and Ponce) to Maria’s Beach.

Airports + Transportation Costs

  • San Juan (SJU) – $225 one way to Maria’s. (3 hours from Maria’s)
    • From SJU – guests could fly into MAZ (Mayaguez) on Cape Air. (30 minutes from Maria’s)
  • Aguadilla (BQN) – $60 one way to the estate. (30 minutes from Maria’s)
  • Ponce (PSE) – $225 one way to Maria’s. (2 hours from Maria’s)

Host Transportation Recommendations

  • Local:
    • Rincón RidesNarisha- 787-689-1720.
    • Transportation in and around Rincón averages $10 pp round trip.
  • Airport:
    • Bernie’s Taxi – 787-312-4655
    • Marix Adventures 954-347-8601
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