January 19-20, 2024

Join us at the 8th Annual SHARPEN Workshop!

SHARPEN is the industry’s only 2-day workshop just for established culinary business owners. Attendees walk away with a strategic, prioritized plan they can act on right away.

Build a Profitable Business with Less Stress and More Consistent Income.

You’re smart, passionate, and talented. If you could have figured it all out on your own, you would have by now. Join us at SHARPEN and surround yourself with others who can (and will!) help you succeed in creating the business of your dreams. 


  • Jan. 18: VIP Happy Hour + Foodie Dinner (additional costs)
  • Jan. 19: Day 1 of 2-day SHARPEN Workshop
  • Jan. 20: Day 2 of 2-day SHARPEN Workshop
  • Jan. 21: Strategy and Execution Day (coaching clients only)

What Will Happen if You Work ON (Instead of IN) Your Business More?

Why Attend SHARPEN?

Attendees tell us they keep coming back to this workshop because:

  • It’s packed with useful insights and tools that help them make more money by working smarter (not just harder!)
  • They love learning from and interacting directly with Chef Deb, our Culinary Success Panel and other expert speakers
  • They love connecting with other culinary business entrepreneurs at their same level
  • They also appreciate our no-fluff, NO BS approach and that we truly care about them and their business

“The amount of knowledge and insight shared at this workshop is priceless. Not just from Deb and her incredible team, but the business owners attending who have years (decades) of experience. It’s impossible to come away from SHARPEN and not learn something that will benefit you as a business owner.”

David Curlis,
Refresh Kitchen

A Small Group Workshop to SHARPEN Your Business.

Originally created for a small group, we continue to limit attendance so SHARPEN remains an intimate, valuable, hands-on event.

Together, we will sharpen various aspects of your culinary business – including your foundations, branding, marketing, processes, operations, and more.

You walk away with a strategic, prioritized plan for the year to build a food business around a life you love.

“Stepping away from your biz to learn & work through content that helps you grow is invaluable. The community and opportunity to connect with other chefs provide a sense of camaraderie that I’ve never found anywhere else.”

Bianca Russano,
About the Table

SHARPEN is a Good Fit for You if…

  • It’s been AT LEAST a year since you started your business, and you make $50K (or more) in gross revenue/total sales annually
  • You know you have to do things differently to get different results, and you’re ready to take the leap
  • Making all those tough decisions and pivots you’ve had to make alone have drained your entrepreneurial spark
  • It feels like the next level is always juuuuust beyond your reach
  • You’re ANY kind of culinary or food business owner; if you’re a restaurant owner, you offer (or want to explore offering) higher-margin services that are not part of the traditional restaurant model
  • You want to immerse yourself with other culinary professionals who have been there, done that
  • You’re tired of wasting your money on fluff-filled conferences that talk “at” you and/or webinars disguised as sales pitches
  • You’re ready to dig in and work ON your business!

“Chef Deb cares about my business growth. She has, and will give, the tools, action plans, direction, and more. And pour it out. I loved connecting with her, her amazing team, and those ‘crazy’ coached clients!”

Jamaal Johnson,
Twist3d Cuisine

SHARPEN 2024 Workshop Agenda

Day 1 –
Friday, January 19th

Check-In & Light Breakfast (8:00 am)

Workshop (8:30 am – 6:00 pm)

  • Introductions, Housekeeping & Announcements 
  • What Really Keeps You Up ay Night About Your Business and How to Fix It?
  • How to Be the CEO of Your Life and Business


  • Time, Money and Location Freedom: Your Plan
  • New Level… New Devil to Grow from 6 to 7 Figures and Beyond
  • Three Pillars All Culinary Business Owners Try to Balance


  • Joshua Roehm: In It to Win It! Closing More Leads for Increased Cash Flow
  • Are You Trying to Find Your Ideal Client Or Are You Attracting Them?


  • Creating New Revenue Streams and High Ticket Offers
Taking Notes at our Food Business Coaching Workshop

Day 2 –
Saturday, January 20th

Check-In & Light Breakfast (8:00 am)

Workshop (8:30 am – 6:00 pm)

  • Introductions, Housekeeping & Announcements
  • Coaching Panel Discussion: “Doing it Scared” and “Best Business Advice”
  • Richard Asel: “Creative Money Sources to Grow”


  • The 7 Expensive Money Pits In Your Food Business
  • How to Get Clients Instantly When the Sh*t Hits the Fan


  • Candice Andersen: 5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Brand Identity and What to Do
  • Panel and Open Discussion: Employees – Tried and True Practices for Hiring, Building and Growing a Team from Seasoned Business Owners


  • How to Create a Team Managed Company to Step Out from Behind the Stove to CEO and Create a Path to Success
  • Creating Your Unique Prioritized 6 Month Action Plan
  • Q&A
  • Champagne toast!

NEW for 2024 –

VIP Happy Hour January 18, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Cocktail Hour/Networking (1 drink included), 5:00 pm- 6:00 pm
  • At Don Artemio, named a 2023 James Beard Foundation award finalist for Best New Restaurant in the country! (where the optional Foodie Dinner is also being held)

VIP Workshop January 18, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

  • Topic: “Developing a Corporate Culture That Will Attract (and Keep) Long-Term Employees”

Early Seating at SHARPEN 2-Day Workshop

  • Those with a SHARPEN VIP Pass can enter the workshop doors early each day (at 8:00 am). Coffee and breakfast will available starting at 8:00 am.
  • The doors open for regular admission at 8:15 am.

VIP Pass – $99

limited availability


As all business owners know – especially those in the food industry – the cost of everything is UP this year. To ensure we do not compromise on the SHARPEN experience in 2024, we’re seeking sponsors for the first time ever.

Do you (or someone you know) serve established culinary businesses? You (and a SHARPEN sponsorship) may be a perfect fit.

SHARPEN 2024 Sponsorship

I want to personally invite you to step away from your business for 2-3 days.

I know that isn’t easy … but if you make the commitment to yourself to step out of your business to work ON it, your life and business will look SO much different in 2024.

SHARPEN will allow you to:

  • Create an executable plan for 2024 
  • Finally take the time to Work ON your business
  • Learn from me, our culinary success panel, our vetted speakers, and your peers
  • Gain tools, fresh ideas, and insights to help you create consistent income
  • Connect with other culinary business owners who “get you”
  • Ask questions and get answers in an interactive, supportive environment 
  • Understand and create a plan to improve your take home pay (net earnings)
  • Enjoy someone else cooking for YOU (breakfast and lunch are included)
  • Realize you aren’t alone … in your struggles, your questions, and your need to work in THIS industry!

If you’re on the fence about attending and want to know more, reach out, and I will give you a call to answer any questions you have.

“The information was awesome, the speakers were just the ones we needed, the food was great, and your staff was very engaging. I feel like something really clicked for me. It was freeing to admit what I don’t know and to see so many others were dealing with some of the same things. Whoda thought?! Thank you for all your hard work”

Sandra Jones,
Fresh From The Garden

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Tickets to SHARPEN Workshop

$495 – 2-day 2024 SHARPEN Workshop, Jan 19-20, 2024

Limit 50 attendees

Optional Add-On

$99 – SHARPEN VIP Pass

Limited availability

SHARPEN 2024 Location

We always opt for a one-of-a-kind event space for our one-of-a-kind event.

The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth
1316 Pennsylvania Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104

“You can’t be a victim and wealthy at the same time.”

Chef Deb

Flight & Hotel FAQs

What airport should I fly into?

Flights into the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field tend to be cheaper for January. WIN!

We suggest flying into the DFW Airport – it’s about 25 minutes away vs. 45 minutes from Dallas Love Field.

Are there rooms blocked out for the event?

Nope. You can stay wherever you like (we do not require a specific hotel or block out rooms).

Do you have hotel recommendations?


The following suggestions include the average room rate for one person (for the dates of the conference), according to Google.

We encourage you to please do your own research – rates can change each day. We’ve found some of the best rates via Expedia.

    Another option we highly recommend: browsing Airbnb.com and coordinating with some other culinary business owners for your visit!

    Who can I reach out to with questions?

    If you have questions about the event and content, you can reach out directly to Chef Deb!

    ➤ Email: deb@chefdeb.com

    ➤ Text: 512-879-7751


    If you have questions about registration, hotels, the venue, or need to check in with someone any time along the way, please contact Heather Sanders.

    ➤ Email: heather@chefdeb.com

    ➤ Text: 936-662-3948

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