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Chef Deb Coaching Workshops

We create and deliver hands-on, value-packed workshops each year, including SHARPEN, the industry’s only 2-day workshop just for established culinary business owners, Mini-SHARPENS in select cities each year, and occasional webinars.

The 9th Annual SHARPEN Workshop – February 2025

Step away from your business for 2 days to work ON your business … and walk away with a strategic, prioritized plan for 2025.

  • Feb. 19: VIP Happy Hour/Speaker + Foodie Dinner – OPTIONAL
  • Feb. 20: Day 1 of 2-day SHARPEN Workshop
  • Feb. 21: Day 2 of 2-day SHARPEN Workshop
  • Feb. 22: Strategy and Execution Day (for Chef Deb Coaching clients only)

Here’s what happened at SHARPEN 2024.

Just show up! There is no way you will leave without learning how to grow your business. You couldn’t even if you tried!

Paige Perry,
Paige’s Bakehouse

Mini-SHARPEN Workshops

Chef Deb Coaching’s Mini-SHARPENS are one-day workshops held in select cities.

Stay tuned for 2024 details and dates.

Interested in hosting a Mini-SHARPEN in YOUR city? Reach out to learn more.

Stepping away from your biz to learn & work through content that helps you grow is invaluable. The community and opportunity to connect with other chefs provide a sense of camaraderie that I’ve never found anywhere else.

Bianca Russano,
About the Table

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