Legacy CEOCoaching & Community

Ready to Scale and Reach
7-Figures and Beyond?

The Chef Deb Legacy CEO program helps vetted food business owners who are ready to monetize and scale to a solid 7-figures and beyond.

Our clients at this level typically have a next big goal that involves expanding their business, thinking outside the box, thinking ahead to selling in 5-10 years, and/or creating a team-managed company that gives them more personal freedom.

Our Legacy CEO members are a diverse group with unique businesses, but they have several traits in common:

  • A healthy relationship with fear
  • High integrity
  • Kindness
  • Big dreams
  • No time or tolerance for BS

You Aren’t Alone at the Top…


Our Legacy clients often felt isolated at the top and struggled to find others who “get them” before joining our Legacy community. They value connecting with other culinary business CEOs who are operating at their same level (or above) with a similar mindset.

Learn More and Apply.

If this sounds like you, Chef Deb and our Legacy CEO community invite you to reach out and apply. You won’t find a more supportive, experienced, NO BS group of food and culinary business CEOs!

“I’ve gotten so much out of working with Chef Deb. She has played an integral part in my business growth (and my mental health). Thank you.”

Evelyn Reisner,
Fresh Dish Catering (in Canada)

The Chef Deb Success Path

Our Legacy CEO Coaching and Community members typically come to us at the “CEO” phase of their business or somewhere in between “CEO” and “Visionary.”


You’re passionate about your business but still clarifying your vision and direction for it. You probably don’t have a clear, actionable step-by-step business plan.

All you know is you LOVE and are compelled to do this work.


You’re managing the daily operations, and your client base is slowly growing. You realize you have a ceiling and only so many hours in your day. If you don’t delegate more soon (or do it better), you’re going to run yourself into the ground.


You might be ready to hire your first employee, or you have a herd of cats you can’t seem to wrangle. You may feel spread too thin and begin micromanaging your team. (Sometimes, rightly so!) Most likely, you need to learn to lead/manage more efficiently.


Your business isn’t running you anymore, and you have a newfound breathing space to start diversifying your income.

You want to step into your visionary energy that started it all and find new, exciting ways to make more money.


You have multiple revenue streams, and your business continues to grow with minimal attention from you. Now, you’re wondering, “What’s next?” Sell your business? Buy out another company? Expand? Start a program to give back?


You’ve either sold your company and are bored … or you’re about to transition to semi-retirement. But you have so much knowledge and want to use it still. How do you keep a toe (or a whole foot) in the industry? What does that look like for you?

Are You Ready to Scale, Monetize and Go After Your Next Big Goal?


The Road to True Success is Never Traveled Alone…

If you are a food or culinary business CEO, we invite you to apply to join this small, vetted Legacy community:

  • Work with Chef Deb, a strategic business coach with decades of experience as a mentor, coach, and culinary business CEO
  • Scale not just your sales but your bottom line (putting more money in the bank!)
  • Get (and stay) out of your own damn way
  • Step FULLY into your CEO and visionary role to strategically plan for (and achieve) the next level of success
  • Become part of a small group of supportive, savvy entrepreneurs in the culinary industry.

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