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Meet the Chef Deb Business Coaching Team.

When you are ready to transform your culinary business, Chef Deb – the most trusted and experienced coach in the industry – has the tools, experience, and resources you need. And she has hand-selected a support and coaching team that embraces the Chef Deb Coaching culture, success strategies, and NO BS approach.

Our team doesn’t promise overnight success, offer get rich schemes or apply a cookie cutter approach. Instead, our coaching community members experience caring support, real growth and meaningful results – such as doubling their revenue after one year in our coaching program or “finding” an extra $3500/month during a one-day, in-person VIP Strategy Session.

Chef Deb Cantrell

Serial Culinary Business Entrepreneur
Founder, CEO, and Lead Coach at Chef Deb Coaching

Chef Deb Cantrell is a successful culinary business entrepreneur, a #1 Amazon bestselling author, a sought-after speaker and the founder, CEO, and lead coach at Chef Deb Coaching.

As a serial culinary business owner for more than 20 years, she has won Chef of the Year (USPCA), Marketer of the Year (USPCA), Website of the Year (USPCA), Best Catering Company (Fort Worth Magazine), participated in major charitable events as a celebrity chef and has been featured in media outlets that include ABC, NBC, CBS, Indulge Magazine, Entrepreneurial Chef, and more.

 A licensed physical therapist early in her career, Deb was inspired to switch industries after her son was diagnosed with numerous health problems at age 2 that she found were improved (and triggered) by his diet.

Chef Deb trained at the Culinary Institute of America, the Culinary Business Academy and the Culinary School of Fort Worth and started a personal chef business focused on culinary medicine. She is a long-time member of the USPCA (United States Personal Chef Association) and is a member of IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals). She has now owned 7 culinary businesses, including a catering company, personal chef businesses, restaurants, and food product companies.

The Launch of Chef Deb Coaching in 2014

Over the years, Chef Deb invested in coaches who helped her build a reputation and grow multiple businesses to 7-figures that she was proud of, working within an industry and community she loves. The best payoff? She could finally vacation with her family several times a year without worrying that her business would implode while she was away!

In 2014, after years of speaking at conferences and answering questions from other culinary business owners about how to navigate and grow their businesses, she launched the Chef Deb Coaching program.

Recognizing the scarcity of resources available for those wanting to grow a non-restaurant culinary business, she knew she could fill the void with valuable and experience-based tools, advice, resources, and support.

Heather Sanders

Business and Client Manager at Chef Deb Coaching

With more than two decades of diverse experience and a dynamic skill set, Heather brings a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and organizational prowess to the team, officially qualifying her as a “unicorn.”

Her background includes creative work for clients such as PBS Food and Food Network personalities like Tori Avey and Ree Drummond, as well as New York Times Best Seller Angie Dudley. Heather also served as the Creative Director for the inaugural version of, leveraging the talents of a versatile team of developers and freelancers to ensure the flawless execution of the project. As a Web Production Lead for Smart Blogger, Heather managed the digital production teams and schedules. She consistently delivered high-quality branded elements and assets across various blogs and publications.

As the Client and Business Manager at Chef Deb Coaching, Heather oversees the day-to-day operations, business strategies, financials, and team management while optimizing workflows, managing resources, and implementing improvements. She loves working closely with a diverse range of people and ensuring that coaching clients’ questions, concerns, and expectations are answered and met. She also gives great hugs, and her meme, gif, and humor games are strong!

Business Coaches Who Have Been There and Will Help You Accelerate Your Growth AND Avoid Costly Mistakes

Our Coaching Team

Unlike many so-called coaches you’ll run across online, the Chef Deb Coaching team did NOT start culinary companies a year or two ago and now suddenly claim to have the one-size-fits-all “recipe” on how you should run yours!

Instead, they each have more than a decade of experience and a proven track record of success. Equally important, they have advanced through the tiers of the Chef Deb program in their own businesses, embrace our #NOBSallowed policy, and feel passionate about mentoring and coaching others in our community.

Coach Melissa Wieczorek

Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Zest Culinary Services

Melissa is the Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Zest Culinary Services, a personal chef and boutique catering company located in Bucks County, PA with a mission to help customers “Eat Well, Live Fit and Have Fun” through food. Zest Culinary was voted Best of Bucks 2023.

She is a self-taught chef with nearly 20 years of experience as a culinary business owner and over 10 years in marketing and strategic management. Melissa has an MBA in Marketing from Temple University and is an Adjunct Professor at Delaware Valley University.

Coach Bianca Russano

Owner and CEO of About the Table

Bianca is the Owner and CEO of About the Table, which recently celebrated its 10th year in business. About the Table helps busy professionals and families build better relationships and create new memories around the table through prepared meal delivery and catering services.

Based in Delaware, Bianca loves her team and spending time with her husband, young son and extended family. She loves the beach, travel and wine and is an avid reader with a love for all things romance and fiction.

Coach Ruth Oesterman

Owner and CEO of La Bonne Vie

Ruth is the Owner and CEO of La Bonne Vie (LBV), a culinary services company that specializes in nutritional and dietary needs, ranging from low FODMAP to gluten-free, dairy-free and much more.

The support Ruth and her LBV team provide their clients comes through food, but goes so much further – allowing each individual and family to spend more time doing what they need to do and enjoying the comfort of a completely customized meal in their own home.

Coach Theo Petron

Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Zest Culinary Services

Theo is the Co-Owner and Executive Chef of Zest Culinary Services, a personal chef and boutique catering company located in Bucks County, PA with a mission to help customers “Eat Well, Live Fit and Have Fun” through food. Zest Culinary was voted Best of Bucks 2023.

He is a self-taught chef with more than 20 years of experience as a culinary business owner and 10 years in advertising. Theo has a BA from Creighton University and is a Level 2 Certified Sommelier.

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