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Chef Deb Cantrell is a serial food entrepreneur who has been in the culinary industry for over 20 years. She has owned restaurants, a catering company, a juice company, and successful personal chef and culinary service companies.

A sought-after speaker, she is also a #1 Amazon bestselling author of “So You’re A Chef Now What?: Mastering Your Business, Your Money and Your Reputation.”

It’s a blueprint that covers all aspects of running a culinary business … that no one teaches in culinary school. In it, Chef Deb provides a step-by-step guide to how to exponentially grow your culinary business. She shares her tried and true business methods she has used to successfully grow her businesses (and those of others).

“Thank you Chef Deb for making me dig deep and sift through exactly what I want and what I bring to the table. This book really shifted my thinking and has empowered me to clear the clutter, believe in my abilities and my own uniqueness without comparing myself to others. No more excuses, no apologies. If you’re needing to rekindle that fire in you, find strength, motivation and clarity in whatever food business you’re in or thinking about being in, this is a good read that will light your fire and give you all the tools and ideas you’ll ever need! Very relevant to survive as a personal chef in this day and age.”

Amazon 5-Star Review

“Deb shares the nuts & bolts of building a successful business. She is candid, informative and open. Even though she is targeting the culinary industry, I learned ideas for my businesses (I am not a chef) related to processes and customer satisfaction. Read and take notes!”

Alice H.
Amazon 5-Star Review

Behind Their Brand: Volumes 1 & 2

Deb is also a co-author of two books: Behind Their Brand: Chef Edition 1 and Chef Edition 2

The book series is a collaborative effort among a group of chefs who have taken bold steps away from the expected path in the culinary industry: working in a restaurant as a traditional chef. Instead, they have boldly and vulnerably ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and have built a successful brand from scratch.

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