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To Grow Your Business, You Have to Do Things Differently.

You’ve built your culinary business, have expanded your team and are ready to shake things up so you can grow. But you haven’t traveled this new-to-you path yet and are likely struggling with hiring, delegation, consistent income, and finding time to work ON your business instead of IN it.

Chef Deb and our Elite Coaching Community members have been there and can save you years of struggle.

Go from Behind the Stove to CEO®

If you are a culinary entrepreneur who wants to step back from cooking and get the hell out of the kitchen (or at least have the choice to) – and while you’re at it, find money you might be leaving on the table and take a real vacation – this program is for you.

Elite Chef Coaching and Community Program

Our Elite program helps you put more advanced processes and systems in place and includes:

One-on-One Coaching

  • Monthly 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Realtime access and assistance (we’ve got your back in between sessions!)

Access to The Chef Deb Community

  • Scheduled bi-weekly mastermind community calls (a small group of supportive culinary business owners who are also at the Elite level, led by Chef Deb)
  • Live monthly expert speakers; one-hour presentations + Q&A via Zoom from a vetted expert, covering current topics you need – from marketing to hiring to finance
  • “The Vault” Chef Deb digital resources
  • Other members-only resources

VIP Strategy Day to Accelerate Growth

  • Accelerate your business growth with an in-person VIP Strategy Day with Chef Deb 
  • Collapse what typically takes years into an intensive 6-hour one-on-one strategy session 
  • You and Deb will dig deep into your business to unearth opportunities, roadblocks, and discover impactful “ahas” that will improve your bottom line and add jet fuel to your growth 

Bonus: Full access to our annual 2-day SHARPEN Workshop

Bonus: Mastermind and strategy full-day experience after SHARPEN

Bonus: 2-Day workshop in June

Are You Ready to Stop Grinding and Start Growing Your Culinary Business as a CEO?

“The Chef Deb Coaching program has helped me expand my business mind and given me more confidence. I always know that Chef Deb has my back. After one year of coaching, everything changed. I now get the job done and have extra time to enjoy my life. I no longer worry about money every month!”

Elizabeth Bourget,
Gourmet to Go 

The Chef Deb Success Path

A key part of getting where you want to go is knowing where you are. That’s why Chef Deb developed the culinary entrepreneur success path below. Wherever you are on this path, Chef Deb will meet you there and take you where you want to go. Our Elite Coaching and Community members typically come to us at (or almost at) the “Cowboy” phase of their business or somewhere in between “Cowboy” and “CEO.”


You’re passionate about your business but still clarifying your vision and direction for it. You probably don’t have a clear, actionable step-by-step business plan.

All you know is you LOVE and are compelled to do this work.


You’re managing the daily operations, and your client base is slowly growing. You realize you have a ceiling and only so many hours in your day. If you don’t delegate more soon (or do it better), you’re going to run yourself into the ground.


You might be ready to hire your first employee, or you have a herd of cats you can’t seem to wrangle. You may feel spread too thin and begin micromanaging your team. (Sometimes, rightly so!) Most likely, you need to learn to lead/manage more efficiently.


Your business isn’t running you anymore, and you have a newfound breathing space to start diversifying your income.

You want to step into your visionary energy that started it all and find new, exciting ways to make more money.


You have multiple revenue streams, and your business continues to grow with minimal attention from you. Now, you’re wondering, “What’s next?” Sell your business? Buy out another company? Expand? Start a program to give back?


You’ve either sold your company and are bored … or you’re about to transition to semi-retirement. But you have so much knowledge and want to use it still. How do you keep a toe (or a whole foot) in the industry? What does that look like for you?

“I have made greater strides in the last 2 months in Chef Deb’s coaching program than in the last two years in business.”

Lee Chef Deb Team

Lee Wilson,
Connections Culinary Services

Ready to Get Out of Your Own Way?

We are typically the ones in our own way. Not the economy, not our employees, not a lack of resources.

That’s not always easy to admit to ourselves – or to hear from another. But in all my experiences as a business owner and a coach, I have seen over and over that we are typically our own worst enemies.

We can also be our own champions, but we can’t succeed alone. Rising tides lift all boats, and we need our people.

Go from Behind the Stove to CEO®

Together, we will map out a plan to prepare you to take on each new level and what I call its new “devil,” so that success won’t be beyond your reach anymore.

When you build a strong foundation and custom road map with a coach who has gone before you – and surround yourself with a supportive community of entrepreneurs – your business cannot fail. And that’s NO BS.

“Even though I had been a personal chef for over 6 years when I started working with Deb, I still didnt really know how to run a business. Deb helped me to SHOW UP LIKE A CEO, to get my business organized and running efficiently, to actually create a PLAN instead of guessing and letting potential clients run me. I was a slow starter, but within 3 years of starting to work with Deb, I DOUBLED MY INCOME. If you really listen to her coaching, you can reach that much faster”

Andrea Sprague,
The Holistic Chef

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