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Culinary Business Consulting

Project Consulting

In addition to coaching, speaking, and writing, Chef Deb also provides business consulting to established culinary business owners.

Her consulting services, unlike coaching, typically focus on a specific major project within a set period of time. She works with culinary business owners and/or their investors who want to leverage Deb’s expertise to reach their goal in the shortest time possible. They need to change their business – and they need answers NOW.

She also works with restaurant owners who want to think outside the box. Her specialty in the restaurant space is helping clients better utilize their resources to diversify and add higher-margin services.

VIP Strategy Sessions

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Company’s Growth?

Whether your operations need to be overhauled, you need to attract new clients, and/or you need to find and solve other holes in your business, a VIP Strategy Day will collapse what typically takes years into an intensive, laser-focused, 6-hour one-on-one strategy session.

You and Deb will dig deep into your business to unearth opportunities, tackle roadblocks, and discover impactful “ahas” that will improve your bottom line and add jet fuel to your growth. During your Strategy Session, Deb will take you through her 7-step signature process and, afterward, hold you accountable for checking each action item off your list!

Work One-on-One with Deb for an Intensive 6-Hour Session!

VIP strategy day in action with Chef Deb and client

You will work with Chef Deb for an intense 6-hour session – ripping apart your business piece by piece to identify what’s working and what’s not.

At the end of your VIP day, you will:

  • $Discover the holes in your culinary business
  • $Clarify your vision
  • $Develop quarterly goals to achieve your annual goals
  • $Outline a clear plan to fill any holes
  • $Set a clear path for your next steps and priorities
  • $Understand who can help you execute your plan
  • $CELEBRATE ... because you and Deb will have found time, money, ideas, answers, and action steps that will make an immediate (and longer-term) difference!

You lifted so many weights off our shoulders! Thank you for coming here and doing this with us!”

Julia and Tina, Co-Owners of Health Chefs

What’s Included in My VIP Strategy Session?

Chef Deb will either fly to you or you will fly to her in Fort Worth, Texas for your 6-hour in-person VIP Day (travel expenses are not included in the VIP Session fee).

One VIP Session per year is included for Chef Deb Coaching clients at the Elite and Legacy levels. Master level clients (or clients at any level) may purchase a VIP Strategy Day at any time.

If you are not an existing coaching client and would like to book a VIP Strategy Day with Deb, pre-work and a pre-session consulting meeting will be necessary to ensure we fully maximize your VIP Day investment.

What you can expect:

A hands-on, laser-focused, 6-hour deep-dive in-person business coaching session

The tools to gather insights to execute future decisions for your business

A comprehensive plan to fill in any gaps in your culinary business and increase your bottom line

A follow-up call from Chef Deb after your session to keep you accountable for your action items

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